Friday, October 22, 2010

Sisterly Love...

This summer was full of sisterly love. First, my sister Tara visited at the end of July for 3 WHOLE WEEKS!!! I was so lucky! Then she got whisked away by her fabulous husband to Mexico so her kids got to stay and play for another whole week.

We had so much fun and I LOVED having her here. She is funny...has a GREAT sense of humor, beautiful, spunky, outspoken (in a good way), a great listener, trustworthy, a great shopping partner, full of great stories, stands up for those she loves, takes no crap from anyone (which I think is great, cuz I am a pushover), is extremely fun to sit and talk with, selfless, a fantastic mom, and so very much more....I could go on forever. I just love and admire her. Not only is she an amazing sister she is also a tremendous friend.

We spent hours talking, laughing, eating, reading, swimming, and just lazying around. I miss her terribly when she is not here and wish she lived closer. I adore our relationship and really look up to her. She also ROCKS at Just Dance:)

Kennedy LOVED having her girl cousins around because it meant HOURS of playing dress up, doing hair, painting fingernails, and applying makeup. She had so much fun and was sad when they were gone.

Tara, my mom, and Lacy (my oldest sister)


HawgWildinWashington said...

Oh Rachie... You are truly the best sis anyone could ask for. You were a trooper for letting us stay at your house for 3 WHOLE WEEKS! I loved every minute of it. I wish we lived closer so we could visit every day! I love you!

Brittany said...

What a sweet post. I don't know tara very well, but I think she's pretty fabulous too. So when are you coming to visit? You can see fabulous Tara and me. :)
Btw are you guys at cafe rio in that last picture? I miss cafe rio. But not as much as I miss you! Awwww

Josh and Jody Moser said...

Aw Rach this makes me miss my sisters who live far away, there is nothing like a sister. :) I read your message on my blog and I have to explain, on the heading maddy's name is MaddyLiz. Her full name is Madelyn Elizabeth and when she was born that was what her uncles called her and some still do. That's why it's spelled that way but thank you so much for looking out for me, please keep doing it. :) Love ya!