Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cancun Day 4

On Thursday, Day 4 of Cancun, we decided to take a ferry to the nearby island, Isla Mujeras.

The first thing we did when we got there was rent ourselves a golf cart so that we could tour the small island. Our golf cart was extremely fast going at a speed of about 25 mph:) I probably could have got out and walked beside it. Oh well, it was definitely better than walking.

We first started out touring an old mansion that a sailor built to impress the woman he loved. The ruins were neat to see and the gardens were beautiful. However, the most entertainment came from watching Justin and Bill try and fail many times to catch an iguana. The island had SO many iguanas EVERYWHERE. After about an hour of attempts they finally caught one. The iguana was not very happy to say the least.

We each took turns driving and stopping to see the tourist attractions along the way, and of course we made time to stop and get ice cream.

After dinner at a ma and pa shop we headed back to the ferry for the long and VERY hot ride back to the mainland.

Once we were back at the hotel we went directly to the pool to cool off.

Today was our last full day to spend with Bill and Brittany before they headed back home to Las Vegas.

We had an amazing and memorable time with them.

I can't wait to do our long awaited Europe trip with them in 3 years.

Ruins from the mansion's garden
The famous iguana

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Brittany said...

Oh Europe I can't wait. Three years will be here before we know it! Hooray for vacations! :)