Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 2 and 3....

On day 2 Justin and I were still luggage-less, which meant swimsuit-less, but thanks to Brit and Bill we borrowed swimsuits from them and hit the beach and the pool for majority of the morning/afternoon. We read, we ate, we drank sugary, fruity drinks, we dozed in and out of consciousness, we swam in the pool, dipped in the ocean, but most importantly we tried to stay clear of the ONE and only 65 year old lady who confused the nice family friendly resort as a topless swim pool....Yikes! I guess she didn't get the memo:)

Earlier in the day we had made arrangements to go on a "jungle cruise" on wave runners and go snorkeling.

After getting all set on our wave runners we followed our tour guide through the "jungle", which ended up being a bunch of sticks and bushes in the water. Made for a good laugh.

It took us about a half an hour through the amazing jungle before we reached our snorkeling destination.

Snorkeling was beautiful and fun in the clear blue water. I saw some crazy Caribbean fish, my favorite was the black and white striped ones. Unfortunately Bill lost his wedding ring and we couldn't find it but on the other hand I did find someone's missing earring on the ocean floor:)

After about an hour Brittany decided to get out and sit on the wave runner. Soon after, people started to crowd around something in the water. I could tell that whatever it was it had to be exciting because the Mexican tour guides started speaking a million miles per hour in Spanish waving their arms at their tour guide buddies to come see.

In the meantime, Justin and I were about 50 feet from Brittany still in the ocean when she gets this horrified look on her face and says "Don't move, I think it's a shark."

Of course Justin is enthralled and instantly darts toward the crowd and leaves me as a lone soul stranded in the ocean.

If you don't know I AM TERRIFIED OF SHARKS!!!! Big or small! I immediately start panicking and screaming for Justin, who ignores me and continues to swim so that he can get his closer look. You would think I was about to get attacked by Jaws when Brittany says, "Never mind it's a barracuda."

Really, a barracuda? frightened emotions stopped as quickly as they started.

I also had to see the barracuda so I too swam over to the crowd of people to see the fish.

It was definitely a sight to see with it's gnarly teeth.

After reprimanding Brittany for scaring me to death and Justin for deserting me in my time of need we got back on our wave runners and went back through the "jungle" to go home.

With our fingers crossed we returned to our hotel hoping to find our luggage...which we did. It was a joyous reunion! We showered and headed to dinner where I experienced the most interesting fajita I had ever come across. It included cooked cactus, which was pushed ever so politely to the side of my plate where my daring husband decided to try it, and of course, liked it. The day was fabulous, the dinner was fabulous, and the night was fabulous. So far our vacation in Mexico was fabulous!

Day 3 we headed on a tour bus to Chichen Itza to see the Mayan ruins, which is now the 8th wonder of the world.

Along the way we stopped to see an underground cave full of water called a cenote.

It was so hot and we were sweating pretty badly with the humidity that we couldn't wait to swim in the cave water. That is until we saw the water.

The place was awesome but no way was I getting in the stagnant bath water (that is what it reminded me of) that tons of people were swimming in. The cave was dark, the water was dark and who knows what was beneath you. Even Justin passed on swimming.

We did get to cool off a little because with the cave underground it was much, much cooler.

After sharing some coconut water from a coconut we got back on the bus and continued on our way towards the ruins.

The back of the bus yeah!
Walking down many, many stairs to enter the underground cave.

YUM! Fresh coconut water

After our lunch stop we finally made it to ruins.

They were beautiful and much more intriguing than I had imagined.

Even though it was disgustedly hot and humid, and I get A.D.D when I am uncomfortable which made it hard to focus on what the tour guide was saying, I still found it very interesting and fascinating....along with the souvenir shopping.

The ruins were spectacular!

At dinner the night I was almost attacked by a shark:)

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Ah I want to go back. Just hearing about it makes me smile! Love ya!