Sunday, March 14, 2010


Time has flown by....

We have been busy.....

Busy with the norm most of the time,

But very busy....

What have we been busy with?

T Ball
Grocery Shopping
Birthday Parties
Tumbling Class
and more.....

Busy with the norm....

But couldn't be happier.

Since we have been M.I.A. on the blog lately, here is proof of life....

a family hike through the tunnels

Kobe's 1st season of T-Ball

13 boys, between 5 and 6 years old.....can't get any cuter than that.

We hatched our own butterflies

On a "no school" day we went with friends to the Springs Preserve.
Lots of cool things to check out and lots of fun!

L-A-Z-Y (who me?)
Did I mention I spent a lot of evenings parked on the couch wrapped up in a blanket drinking hot chocolate? Favorite thing to do during the winter. Oh yeah, and I spent way too many hours watching my shows.....don't worry, Justin was parked on the couch right next to me eating his ice cream.

Time well spent
I had to take a picture of the kids playing with these blocks because these are the same blocks that all of my 11 siblings and I played with growing up.
I would build the most elaborate barbie houses with them.
I even drew on them
a stove, a refrigerator, a TV......all for the barbie house.
My artwork is still on them.
Now I own them and my kids play with them EVERY day.
Talk about solid
They don't make toys like this anymore.
These blocks are over 30+ years old.

Shop til you Drop
Took a girl's weekend to California for much needed R&R time with my bestest friend.
Had a fabulous time and came back a happy mama!

Cabin Fever
Spent a weekend at Grandma and Grandpa McEwen's cabin.
This was the first time the kids have gone sledding.
We had so much fun.
Kobe asks all of the time when we get to go back.
Hopefully soon.

The End.


tiffany garfield said...

Thanks for the proof of life pics! hahaha I was beginning to wonder. Reading what you're up to makes me really tired. Just another reminder that I want a LONG break between having this kid and the next one. :) Hope you can come out for Ladera Garage Sale FEST! I've heard more about it and It's suppose to be AWESOME!
see you April 24th : )
love, twink

Rebecca and Co. said...

Loved your pictures! Especially the one of you on the couch. LOL You've been up to some fun things. Tyce played t-ball and baseball for 5 years and never was on the Cubs--the team that he and Bryce LOVE. They will be jealous of Kobe. :)

Colleen said...

I love it! Congratulations on the butterflies. :)

The Muries said...

Rach I loved reading your post. You guys have so much fun. I miss ya!

The Rivard Fam said...

Looks like you've been having fun! I had blocks just like that when I was growing up, and my parents still have them! I had a BLAST Saturday, so thanks for the entertainment :)

The Hardy's said...

Evan has that same butterfly habitat. I told him we'd get caterpillars for it and let them change to it too late?

Did Kobe get it for his birthday?

Grace said...

I am so glad you updated.. I was getting tired of reading about Kade's 2nd birthday, how old is he now, about 3! LOL.... just kidding, my blog is the same, hasn't been updated in months... will try to work on it once I recover :) love you

HawgWildinWashington said...

That was me, Tara, not Grace...even though she does have her own google mail account...

Brittany said...

I'm so glad Kobe is loving t-ball! Loved the update! Now I just want you to come home. Vegas is blah without you!

Naomi said...

It is so fun to see you guys, if only online. We have been busy, too, but I saw 'grocery shopping' on your list and I have to tell you that I just ordered my groceries online for the first time and I may never go back. It is so convenient and I don't have to buy the kids off with treats. Plus, I can do it in my pajamas while watching tv. Love it!