Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kade's Birthday!

On December 30th Kade turned 2.

What we did on his birthday to celebrate:

Ate birthday pancakes after blowing out the candle
LOVED his birthday gift from mom and dad. Now he rides it all over the house and screams when anyone else tries to.
Ran around crazy at Chuck e Cheese
Cant forget about the cardboard pizza, candy, and cupcakes that we ate with family and friends.
Happy Birthday Kade!

2 BIG reasons why we LOVE Kade:

1. He tries SO hard to do EVERYTHING that the older kids do and most of the time he is successful. Even though he is 2 he can keep up with Kobe and Kennedy pretty well. He RUNS everywhere he goes, I mean everywhere, it is funny to watch. I always know when he is coming because I can hear the pitter patter of his feet running down the hall.

He loves to dress himself in Kobe's clothes.

There are two problems with this:
1. They are way too big, so they drown him.
2. He doesn't just stop at one shirt or 1 pair of shorts. He just piles and piles them on. One day I took off like 5 shirts and 4 shorts that he was wearing.

Infact, in the pancake picture above he is wearing Kobe's boxers over his diaper...that happens quite often.

2. He kisses and kisses and kisses me and I LOVE it. Can't get enough of it. I love watching how his little mind works, he is so smart. I just love his personality....most of the time he makes me laugh, and sometimes he worries me:)

A few extra: He is afraid of NOTHING. I learned this at an early age when he was climbing UP slides and on counter tops before he even turned one. He is such a dare devil and will try long as the older kids are doing it he thinks he can.....and will.

He is very defiant and will stand up to Justin and I...I know, not a good thing.

One time Justin told him to get out of the kitchen (he was "raging") and picked him up to move him and Kade came right back and stood in front of Justin glaring him down. So Justin picked him up and moved him again and he came right back and stood in front of Justin. He was not going to give in....he definitely stood his ground. I can only see this same scenario happening when he is a teenager....scary.

When he has his mind set it takes a whole lot of effort and bribing to change it. He is bound and determined to do things HIS can be exhausting.


Kader tots
Kader aders
Hulk---one minute Kade is sweet and charming and then the next minute (when he is mad) he will start throwing a complete raging fit. He will spit out his food, take off his clothes and throw them, rip or try and brake anything that is in his way. I can't tell you how many homemade art projects that Kobe and Kennedy have made that have been torn by him. He punches, kicks, spits, and screams.....then it is over and he is back to his normal self. Don't worry, we are trying to work through it:) Kobe and Kennedy just know to stay clear when he is "raging."

We love you Kade!
You add the SPICE into our lives.


Naomi said...

Such a sweet post. Happy birthday to Kade. Those tantrums sound very familiar. But Brody seems to be on the tail end now he is almost three. We miss your family! Gigi keeps asking me about playdates and I don't know how to tell her that it is going to be a couple more weeks before I can see through the boxes to start socializing!

Rebecca and Co. said...

What a great kid. I totally relate to the rages (for my kids, not me. Well, sometimes me.) You know how my kids are...but I wouldn't trade their personalities for anything. There are two sides to every coin, right?

I love that he dresses in his big brother's clothes--that is too cute.

HawgWildinWashington said...

Reading this post made me smile and even giggle a little... I totally see him doing all of those things you listed. And then, just when you think you have had it with him, he gives you the cutest smile that melts your heart and you forget why you are mad. We love that kid ( and the others too) Makes me glad I am done :) Love you

Brittany said...

He totally runs everywhere he goes... it's hilarious! Kade is a cute kid, we all love him, but I think Grace loves him the most! :)

tiffany garfield said...

hahaha yum, card board pizza! I like his suh-weet new ride. I kind of want one but I guess my turbo jet red scooter will have to do for now. :) It was so fun to have you here! Come again! April annual garage sale!!! You know you want to! hahaha
love, twink
p.s. love the HULK nickname!