Saturday, March 22, 2008

Soccer Pro! Number 14!

On Saturday, we had Kobe's first soccer game of the spring season. This time he is old enough to be on the Henderson United soccer league, which we are really excited about because it is a great league! This is the first time in four seasons of soccer that he is a different color than purple, ALLELUJAH!!! So we are looking forward to a great season. Kobe is already off to a great start, this last game he really got in there and played hard. I think that he is starting to get comfortable with the sport. He did a great job!!


Katrina said...

He looks so cute in his uniform. I bet he is happy he does not have to wear purple anymore!

Gardagami said...
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summer c said...

Yea for no purple. We only have 2 purple uniforms. But 4!? thats nuts;)