Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!!

I have to say that holidays are so much more fun when your kids really look forward to them. We had a lot of fun on Easter weekend. We started off on Saturday with an Easter egg hunt with some friends at Acacia Park. We hunted eggs and then ate a picnic lunch. My kids skipped the lunch all together and went only for the candy! I won't be suprised if they each have 4 cavities after this weekend. Then on Sunday we weren't going to do any Easter bunny stuff, but we couldn't find the right time to give them their Easter bunny presents so it just happened to be on Sunday. The Easter bunny brought them each a movie and a toy. Kennedy got Belle's dress up dress, which she wore all Sunday and walked around singing "someday my prince will come!" It was funny! And Kobe got a gun that shoots at plastic pop bottles, he LOVED that! I think that he liked chasing Kennedy around the house more trying to shoot her. At church, sacrament was really good. We had a lot of musical numbers which always brings the spirit. Then that night we had Easter dinner with my family at my brother Shane's house. I hope everyone had a fun Easter!!!!


Katrina said...

You guys are the cutest moms. It looks like you all had fun!

summer c said...

You got to get Kennedy some girlfriends! Looks like you guys had fun!