Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer happenings....

School got out June 9th and the very next day we took off to Utah to my niece, Taylor's wedding. We spent a few days there and then continued our trip to Wyoming to spend a week at Yellowstone National Park.

Surprisingly, at Yellowstone we had a lot of fun and did so much outdoorsy stuff. Justin and the kids were in heaven. I had a great time too. We fished, rafted, rode four wheelers, saw lots of bison, went to Old Faithful, and did a lot of sight seeing. Wow! It was beautiful.

It was so relaxing and so nice to spend time with Justin and my kiddos. While we were there we had no cell service or internet service so it was just us and nature. Pure joy:)

My kind of vacation normally consists of a beach, sand, and water so this was different yet very enjoyable!!

Taylor on her big day

Family picture:) This is how they did their guest book. Everyone who came in took a picture.

Some geyser, not Old Faithful

So many bison on the road. We waited in traffic for so long because they were always walking in the middle.


HawgWildinWashington said...

Looks like fun.. and you look like you were ready to pop, like Old Faithful!! Love you

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