Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Disneyland 2010!!

Disneyland was awesome as usual! The kids had a ball....the parents did to. Justin’s favorite ride is Space Mountain. Rachel’s favorite ride is Hollywood Tower of Terror. Kobe’s favorite ride is BIg Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain. Kennedy’s favorite ride is the Teacups. Kade’s favorite ride is Monster’s Inc. We met many of the Disney characters, watched the parade, danced with the princesses, screamed on the roller coasters, waited in numerous lines, got soaked from Splash Mountain, enjoyed the fireworks, ate cotton candy, and laughed until our cheeks hurt.

We even had the most wonderful opportunity to meet up with the Musgrave's in California and hang out with them for 4 days. Brittany and I had a glorious reunion:) I was more interested in talking to her than riding the rides. It was so great to catch up and spend time with such great friends. ALl of us, including Justin, have truly missed them. Justin was happy to walk around the park with Bill to keep him company and not have to listen to Brittany and I talk non stop for 4 days.

I think Kobe was more excited to see Gage and Jake than he was to go to Disneyland.....it was a toss up. But having Gage and Jake at Disneyland with us was the best thing that could have possibly happened:)

Kennedy was scared on this ride.....hence the pouty face

On the last night at Disneyland Justin and Bill took the kids home so Brittany and I could have some BFF time. We went on some rides and then walked over to Cheesecake Factory where we stuffed ourselves sick and talked like we see each other every day. Man, I miss her being around!

This was Brittany's first time on Tower of Terror, which is my favorite, it was worth every second. She was scared out of her mind and I couldn't stop laughing.

This picture was taken moments after Kade escaped and disappeared for at least 10 minutes. 10 minutes seems like forever when you are mixed in with a sea full of people at Disneyland. Nothing I would want to repeat any time soon. I think I had a mini heart attack. Notice the death grip I have on his arm?

Kade not too thrilled about us making him pose for a kiss:)

California Screaming!!!

Our first time on the Toy Story ride and by far the longest line was waited in....but worth the wait.


HawgWildinWashington said...

It looks absolutely fabulous! So glad the kids and men could come along on your and Brittney's reunion! ha ha... I know how much to miss her! I haven't been in Disneyland in forever and Ellie wants to go soooo bad! Maybe this year sometime!! Love you

Marshall Lynch said...

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Dawn said...

That looks like fun. I have to agree that Disneyland isn't the best place to lose a kid and 10 minutes seems like forever! Yikes, long enough to put me in tears. Anyway, glad it turned out well and you got to catch up with a friend :-)

Joan Anne said...

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Aline said...

disneyland is very fun! I love!

Brittany said...

Seeing these pics made me miss you even more. Seriously is that even possible? :(

superman said...

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mj said...

Wow! I really love dineyland!

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