Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On June 25th this little miss turned 5 years old. We had our work cut out for us on that special day since she told me everything she wanted to happen at her party.

Kennedy sat beside me on the couch while I took notes with my pen and paper.

She carefully named all of the guests that were to be invited. Kobe was not on the list.

After a little persuasion she finally allowed him to come to her party, but not as a guest, only as my helper.

The theme: Moon and Star party
The decorations: 1 big shiny moon with lots of stars hanging from the ceiling.

Activities/Party Games: (this list was long)
Play outside, take turns riding her bike, pillow fight, sprinklers on the trampoline, jump on the trampoline, play in my bedroom, do each others make up---but not the boys, paint nails--also no boys, watch a movie--a movie that everyone would like, play tag, play games, go to the zoo, go to the park and run, eat a star shaped cake, and my all time favorite.....catch butterflies.

What birthday would complete without catching butterflies?

This was Kennedy's ideal birthday.....

This is what ACTUALLY took place on her birthday......

We woke up to eat birthday pancakes that were dyed pink, to match her favorite color, upon request.
Had her favorite dinner with the family, Grandma Sharon, and Bill who was crippled and parked on the couch:)

Homemade breaded chicken strips
mashed potatoes

Ate yummy cupcakes.

Opened presents

Swam at Black Mountain Pool with mommy, daddy, Kobe, Kade, Uncle Riley, Aunt Diana, Blake, and Chase.
On Saturday we had a friend birthday Barbie party.
She decided that she wanted a Barbie party after all.

We played games, ate cake and ice cream, opened presents, and ran around until parents came to claim them after an hour and a half.

She woke up to her door and room decorated with everything pink!!

Turning 5 was not so bad after all.

She does LOVE being center of attention.

I just hope that we exceeded her expectations.

We never did get to catch butterflies.....

However, we did have a lot of fun and I hope that it was as memorable and special to her as it was for us.

Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet girl!


Brittany said...

I just love kennedy. I can totally hear her telling you what she wanted at her party. That list sounds exactly like her... It made me laugh! I love the catching butterflies request. Haha! She is getting so big. She really is a pretty girl. You are in for it when she's a teenager... Look out boys! Love ya! :)

The Muries said...

She is such a cutie Rachel! The list was funny, I love how she didn't want to invite her brother at all, unless he was more like a servant. lol good time.

HawgWildinWashington said...

I remember that list.. it was up by the computer the whole time we were at your house. After spending so much time with your and my family together I have a true appreciation for each of them, but quiet time is a necessity. I love you guys so much, that is the bad thing about spending so much time together is we miss you even more :)

HawgWildinWashington said...

I am sorry about my post Rachie and that there were no photos of you.. or even your kids. The very few photos from the camera that were taken at your house were when Ellie and Grace confiscated the camera and took self portraits. Lame, I know. Most of it was all video. At least be happy that I updated... it only seems to happen about twice a year...LOL...Love you and miss you!

Dawn said...

Sounds like fun even minus the butterfly catching. I am sure she will be planning extravagant birthday parties for years to come.

Miss said...

So cute Rachel. What a wonderful mom you are!!!

Miss said...

And you are funny with your small print crippled comment. I actually did laugh out loud!