Friday, April 23, 2010

Colorado cont....

Day 4: (I know day 3 and day 4 are backwards, just don't feel like fixing it)

We packed our backpack, snacks, drinks, and extra layers of clothes (along with everything else) and headed to the Denver Zoo. This was our first time to the zoo so we had such a great time. The kids loved it, Justin loved it, grandma Cori loved it, and I loved it. So it is unanimous....we will be returning to the zoo again soon.

Kennedy's favorite was the giraffe's.
Kobe's favorite was the snakes and rhino.
Kade's favorite was.....well, everything, esp. the snakes. We had a difficult time getting him to move on, he just wanted to stare at them.
I have to say that my favorite was also the snakes....they just fascinate me (as long as there is a plate of glass between us I don't mind staring at them.)

My least favorite thing was the $20 hamburgers and hot dogs that we ate for lunch.....

We stayed the whole day. We got there when it opened and left right as it was closing, which was perfect because at that point it started to snow hard.

Thank you zoo animals for agreeing to live in such constricted living conditions so that we can come around and stare at you. My kids and I truly do appreciate it. We will see you again soon.

Day 3:

On this day we spent a lot of time in the snow before we headed to see our friends who used to live in Vegas but recently moved to Colorado. We went to their house, dried off, talked, laughed, and ate.....of course ate:)

Yes, Kobe did throw this at me:)

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Brittany said...

I love the Colorado zoo! We go every year when I'm home over the summer. You got some really cute pictures of all your kids together, that's impossible for me! :) Ahh Colorado... I'll be there soon! :)