Tuesday, January 5, 2010


A few of our many highlights.....

Spending lots and lots of family time together:)

Family program with special guest this year...Grandma Cori:)

McEwen family party. Our themed gift exchange this year was games. We had a great time, I look forward to this party every year...even if I never win any of the game prizes, I have such bad luck:)

Christmas Eve.....putting food out for the reindeer

Eating a christmas eve breakfast dinner in our new pajamas and watching The Grinch with cousin Blake

Christmas morning, coming down the stairs to see what Santa brought

Not quite sure what's going on.....or he is still tired

Opening stockings

Let the unwrapping begin...
Christmas dinner at Justin's Aunt Tami's house

Grandma Linda, Aunt Pam, and Cousin Mandy

Jordan, Bo, Mark, and Marnie


Brittany said...

Are you exhausted? I got tired just reading what you did... you guys were busy! Isn't Christmas so much work? Totally worth it though. I like the pic of Kade chillin on the steps Christmas morning... he does look like he's not quite sure whats goin on. glad you guys had a great Christmas!

Brittany said...

BTW it was actually nice to see some pics of you on here! You look fabulous!! :) Love ya!