Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kobe turns 6!

On August 6th Kobe turned 6! We started the day off with 6 pancakes stacked high and then later went to McDonald's with friends to continue the celebration. That night Kobe choose homemade pizza for dinner and an ice cream cake. After dinner he opened his presents which he was very excited about. He got 2 games for the WII, Mario Kart and Star Wars. HE LOVES THEM.....and maybe a little TOO much!

For his birthday party he wanted a Transformers themed swim party. We had the party at my sister's and it was great. This was the least stressed party I have every thrown, thanks to my sister, Lacy, for letting us crash her home. All of the kids had a great time and Kobe loved having all of his cousins and friends there to help him celebrate his big day.

6 big reasons why Kobe is so special....

1. His prayers melt my heart and sometimes bring tears to my eyes.
2. He tries very hard to always do the right thing and hates to be in trouble.
3. He loves his friends and cousins and is always thinking of things to do for them or things to buy them that he knows they will really, really like.
4. He has a great imagination and loves to learn and discover new things.
5. He is VERY sensitive and has such a BIG heart.
6. Because he is so shy, he doesn't like attention on him and when something funny, exciting, or embarrassing happens he tries REALLY, REALLY hard not to smile (even around Justin and I)

Kobe's Favorites....

Toys: Star wars legos, Ninja costume, Transformers, and Tinker toys
Movie: Transformers, Spider Man, Iron Man, any action hero movie
Food: Pizza, Mac and cheese, yogurt, cereal Vanilla ice cream, whip cream (not really a food, but would eat it all day if I let him)
Color: Red and Black (spiderman)
Activities: Playing the wii, swimming, soccer, wrestling with dad, sword fighting, doing ninja moves
Primary Song: I am a Child of God
Books: Non-fiction books about sharks, dinosaurs, and snakes
Favorite Action Hero: Spiderman, Ironman....well, all of them
Favorite cartoon: Scooby Doo and Tom and Jerry

Happy 6th Birthday Kobe! We love you!


Brittany said...

Happy Birthday Kobe! Gage and Jake loved his party... I'm so glad we were here to celebrate it with him! We love Kobe! :)

ksdavis6 said...

Yay! Kobe is 6! We are so glad that we got to celebrate with him. Kole loves Kobe so much and misses him even more. We miss everyone:)

ksdavis6 said...

kole says no fair that he got star wars wii game. why didn't he get it when we were their, so they could spend hours playing it

Rebecca and Co. said...

What a wonderful day! I enjoyed learning more about Kobe by reading your "6 Things" and "favorite" lists. It sounds like you are blessed with a special little--I mean, BIG--guy.