Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kennedy turns 4!

I was really excited for Kennedy's birthday this year. Although, on the day of her birthday Justin and I looked at each other and sighed, "Really, she is ONLY turning 4?" I think those of you out there with little girls know exactly what I mean.....


Happy Birthday (June 25th) to our sassy little girl who brightens our home with her sweet, feisty, adorable, and outgoing personality!

Her birthday festivities included......
birthday pancakes,
a trip to the mall for a makeover,
adopting her first teddy bear from Build a Bear Workshop that she named Ella,
and a Tinker-belle themed party at ChuckeCheese.
4 BIG reasons why she makes us SMILE:

1. She walks and talks to us like an adult, she is so matter of fact
2. She is so FULL of DRAMA (for now it is funny)
3. She is always performing for us with dancing or singing
4. She loves to "mother" Kade. She just wants to take care of everyone, including me


Color: Pink
Movie: Little Mermaid
Toys: Princess dress up clothes, makeup, doll house, my little ponies, any thing girlie
Activities: Dancing, painting, coloring
Food: Lucky Charms cereal, maple and brown sugar oatmeal
Dessert: Icing from any dessert (all she does is lick the frosting and leaves the rest...that includes the center of oreos.)
Favorite saying: "Am I a good sister?"
Favorite way to tease Kobe: Copy everything that he is saying (so annoying)
Primary song: Book of Mormon stories


Katrina said...

I so know what you mean when you say "She is only 4!" Aren't girls the best! :)

Happy Birthday Kennedy!

HawgWildinWashington said...

She is adorable..Ellie will still say that Kennedy and Stella are her best friends.. even though she has only met them a few times.. it is a good thing Kennedy likes frosting cuz those cupcakes are covered in them, ugh! Love you.. when are you coming to visit???

The Muries said...

I know exactly what you mean about the copying thing. Isaac does that to Caleb and it drives me crazy. Seriously who is he really trying to annoy?

Eliz said...

What a fun birthday -- you rock Mom!!