Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Summer is off to a good start.

Kobe and Kennedy had their end of the year preschool program, which was really cute.

Kobe graduated from preschool and is now off to big kid school...YEAH!!

My niece who lived in our casita for a year got married on May 23rd. It was a fun filled, busy, day.

Kobe started his little ninjas class.

He now wears his halloween ninja costume all day, every day.

He insists on punching, kicking, rolling, and jumping his way through the house.

Now he is officially a NINJA and doesn't have to pretend anymore.

Kennedy continues to love her dance class and will hopefully someday appear on So you think you can dance season 25.

She is now obsessed with weddings and marriage since my nieces' wedding.

She found my veil from my wedding and wears it every day pretending to be a princess on her wedding day.

Yes, summer is off to a good start.


The Hardy's said...

I love your new header. Very cute pictures

Ann said...

Cute pictures! Have you guys rented your casita to a new tenant? How's that going? Brian and I will be visiting Vegas in July, so we'll call you and we can all have a pool party at my parents' house. Can't wait!

Brittany said...

Finally a new post! That's funny that Kennedy wears your veil... I'm totally not surprised! BTW I know you've had a lot more "Happenings"... meaning more posts to come, right? :)

Alli Waldron said...

where ya been? It looks like you guys are having fun at your house.

Amy said...

Good to hear from you! Ninja Kobe is AWESOME!!!