Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve this year we had some family over for a big, yummy breakfast.  All of the kids came in their new pajamas, we ate breakfast, Justin read stories to us, we opened presents from grandma, we put reindeer food on the driveway (oatmeal), and then we settled down with hot chocolate to watch the grinch.  Kobe and Kennedy were SO excited for Santa that they WOULD NOT fall asleep.  We let them have a slumber party in Kobe's bedroom and they just kept looking out the window to see if the reindeer had come yet.  It was so funny to listen to them talk.  Finally, they fell asleep and that is when Santa's helpers were able to start getting everything ready.  Justin and I were smart this year and wrapped a little every night so that we wouldn't have to do it all on Christmas Eve.  Well, it payed off because we were in bed around 10:30pm!  

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