Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Kobe!!

Kobe turned 5 years old today, so here are 5 reasons why we love him....

1. He is such a loving and caring big brother to Kade. He always tries to help whenever he can and loves to carry him around (I know, scary.) Plus, whenever Kade is crying he will try everything to get him to stop...even sing to him, which Kobe does not like to do.

2. Even though Kennedy and him fight like crazy, which drives me absolutely crazy, he is still very protective of her and her feelings.

3. He is so sensitive to my feelings also, whenever I am crying, he always comes up to me and hugs me and tells me not to be sad.

4. He loves his dad more than anything in this world. And I just love that he looks up to him. Justin is his hero.

5. He is so imaginative. I love how he gets so into his toys and is constantly playing with them for hours all by himself. He loves to dress up and is now into saying he wants everything that he sees on reply "Ok, just ask Santa." And if Christmas rolls around and he stills remembers, than just maybe santa might bring it to him:)

We love you Kobe! You are the light of our life, Happy Birthday!!


Lund Family said...

Happy Birthday Kobe! I hope you got a lot of presents.

I love that picture of him. What a cutie!!

Brittany said...

Happy 5th Birthday Kobe! That's great that he'll play by himself for hours! Isn't it scary how fast they grow up?

HawgWildinWashington said...

I knew it was coming up soon, but I wasn't sure when. You can tell him that his early present from Aunt Tara was the skate shoes. We love you too Kobe!!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Kobe!!