Monday, September 24, 2007

Action Shot! The future David Beckham.

This is a great shot of our little athlete in action. I think he even got the ball into the goal. He has definately made lots of progress and has really come to love playing soccer.


The Hagertys said...

Hey you two, what a treat to see your growing family. Cori forwarded the blog to me, and I would love for you to add me to your email list.

I have a blog spot as well. I will send it to you regularly as I get your email address. Take care. Hope all is well!

Just visit

Love Cousin Shell (Rachelle)

The Christiansens said...

I saw you taking pics of Kobe on the first day of soccer! I wanted to get one of Hunter for my blog too. But between Lucie puking all over me and Max running all over the place, I didn't get one! The second practice I showed up late and tonight I took all 3 by myself and forgot the freakin camera!!! :) Maybe I will just take the pic next practice and pretend it was his first day :)
Cute blog! I am so excited to have a another blogging buddy!